About Us


      LANGOS (LANGuage-Oriented Software) deals with natural language processing, applied to Romanian and main European Union languages. Namely with parsing (or, at a lower and less expensive level, tagging) and machine translation. The first is the fundamental operation in this artificial intelligence field (because any  significant processing of a text begins with its transformation from an amorphous string of characters into a structure and succeeds solely if that structure is good enough), while the second is the most popular one.
      Our parser (as a matter of fact, family of parsers, very different from each other) is the only one made in Romania. The same holds for our machine translation system (with accent on the last word, to mark the difference from the empiric translators available mainly on the Internet). Likewise for our treebank (parsed corpus).

      A long experience in operating system design, especially in compilers for artificial languages, permitted to develop new technologies, competitive with the most reputed ones worldwide. Actually, during many years, work was done only upon foreign languages (first German, then English and French). Romanian was taken into consideration merely in 2006, after having achieved some reputation abroad : the parsers and taggers were purchased by several research institutes and universities from Germany, Switzerland and Japan. While the machine translators (for Romanian)  were demanded so far only in Romania, by research institutes and newspapers.

      The computer science background is also responsible  for the high efficiency of our software in terms of time (our parsers are among the fastest) and memory space. They have practically no computer configuration restriction, e.g. they are able to work even on an 100 MHz Windows 98 processor with 32 MB core memory.
      They have versions for Linux, Solaris and Windows (98, XP, NT, 2000, Vista etc.). Since portability was a design goal, they could be adpted to other platforms as well.

      For technical reasons, at present we don't offer website demos. But those really interested in buying our software may get  more : if they don't live in Bucharest, we can send, by e-mail attachment, demos (preferably for Linux) with 2-days availability (after which the demos refuse to work). If in Bucharest, we make demonstrations at their locations.

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